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ILC Dover is the world leader in flexible solutions for the containment, handling, storage and transfer of sensitive or high-risk pharmaceutical solid dosage forms and powders. We are proud to be a preferred partner of the world’s leading pharm/biopharm companies. This know-how comes from our partnership with NASA during the Apollo program when ILC Dover provided the protective spacesuits for astronauts; When you know how to protect life, HPAPI’s become a formality!

The advantages of our technologies are:

  • Adaptability to all powder in/outputs
  • Possibility of active/passive valve for weighing/transfer bags
  • 99.99% powder is transferred without retention
  • Perfectly sealed bags with the possibility of connection to a rinsing system
  • Significant reduction in cost and time for cleaning and validation
  • Single use with the possibility of reuse if there is no risk of cross-contamination.
With capacities ranging from 1 to 2000 liters of useful volume, ILC Dover can provide the right answer to your loading and offloading issues:

  • Reactors
  • Wringers
  • Extruders
  • Filter dryers
  • In process powder injection
  • Coaters
  • Mixers
  • Packaging lines.
Our containment quality performances are verified by SMEPAC tests.
DoverPac® is the only single-use FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) that efficiently transfers powder between processes and meets containment levels of <0.5 µg/m3. A key component of the DoverPac® product line is its ArmorFlex® material.

These films are formulated at ILC Dover with a unique blend of safe and effective antistatic additives, allowing contact with a wide range of solvents, while being capable of providing superior elongation performance for high strength and resistance.

The revolutionary ArmorFlex® film offers permanent static dissipation properties while meeting FDA and EU regulations, and also passes Chilworth’s incendivity tests, our patented ArmorFlex film is the most U.S./European pharmacopoeia compliant pharma grade film on the market.


ILC Dover offers a solution adapted to each step of your process:

  • Flexible Insulators for your weighing / dispensing and repackaging operations. They can be perfectly custom designed to take into account all your handling requirements.
  • Dover Pac SF & EZBiopac, weighing / transfer bags in 2 or 3D
  • Continuous liner for drum unloading or bag-in/bag-out operations
  • The DoverPac/Jjpac range for confined big bag use