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Access to regulatory information must remain simple

Our ambition is to provide fast, simplified, personalized and optimized access to regulatory information to actors of the health industry.

That’s the reason why we created Ring, which combines a search engine and advanced search features to a database compiled by regulatory experts.

A scope that evolves with your requirements and regulatory agencies

Ring‘s database includes documentation from regulatory agencies ANSM, Eudralex, EMA, OECD, ICH, FDA, PMDA, Swissmedic and WHO, … as well as actors producing technical guides A3P and PIC/S, but also any information relevant such as concept papers and conference presentations.

For now, the Ring database is focused on human drug manufacturing.

This database is updated with every new relevant document published, whether effective or draft, to allow you to anticipate future changes in your sector.


A3P, through sharing knowledge and good practice skills combined with AKTEHOM’s regulatory expertise and digitilization ambitions, have joined forces in a partnership to provide Ring to A3P members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The use of Ring is reserved for members of the A3P association.

Once you have completed your membership, your A3P login will allow you to connect to your Ring personal space and start using the documentary research and regulatory watch tools.

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Email alerts are sent as soon as a new document is added to Ring‘s database and is linked to one of the hot topics you have been subscribed to.

Ring‘s hot topics represent the main regulatory concern for drug manufacturer.

Hot topics within Ring‘s scope are:

  • Analytical
  • ATMP
  • Audit
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Combination product
  • Commisionning & Qualification
  • Computerized System
  • Cosmetics
  • Data integrity
  • Development
  • GMP & GDP
  • Impurities
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Quality System
  • Regulatory Submission
  • Single Use
  • Sterile
  • Veterinary

You can define which hot topics you would like to subscribe to your Ring‘s profile.

The Ring‘s AI-ssistant is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you to read the documents included in the Ring‘s database.

Once the search results are displayed, by opening a document, you have access to the Ring‘s AI-ssistant interface

  • On the left side, a chat interface allows you to dialogue with the document by asking questions. « What is this document about ? Is it applicable for this field ? How to implement it for such a process ? « 
  • On the right side, the document is displayed as well as the paragraphs that made it possible to formulate an answer, allowing you to contextualize its answer


The Ring‘s AI-ssistant speaks all languages: whatever the language of the document, the Ring‘s AI-ssistant answers you in your language. Ask it a question in French, it will answer you in French even if the document is in English.

The Ring‘s AI-ssistant is based on generative AI technology.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence system capable of generating text, images, videos, audios from an instruction. In particular, it is capable of understanding the meaning, context, tone and subtleties of a language to generate content on demand.

When interacting with the Ring’s AI-ssistant, put yourself in its situation, as if you were briefing a human on a specific task. AI is very intelligent, but it needs to know exactly what to do in order to work well.

Tip #1 – Write precise and clear questions

Do not confuse a “clear question” and a “short question”, in 99% of cases, long questions with a precise structure are more effective

Tip #2 – Break down your questions

Two questions are better than one

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Ring will evolve over the years.

We are already working on the implementation of new features to allow you to obtain more precise information more easily, but also to expand the documentary scope.

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Sometimes AI mode displays a connection error or a connection window.

This error message usually occurs when using a VPN that blocks access to the artificial intelligence engine: turn off your VPN, reload the page and voilà, AI mode is back.