Presentation of the Association

A3P Association (Association pour les Produits Propres et Parentéraux – Association for Clean and Parenteral Products) is a key player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Since 1986, it has contributed to the good development of the production of clean and sterile medicines and materials, through its network of suppliers and manufacturers who are equally represented by 2 colleges on its Executive Board.

Now, the association brings thousands of members together, sharing their technical, scientific and regulatory experiences through events, GICs (Common Interest Groups), the A3P website and La Vague magazine which it publishes.

The A3P Network

More than 49,000 professionals from the Pharmaceutical / Biomanufacturing / Medical Devices / Cosmetic Sectors.


Source: BDD A3P analysis




Production 37%
Qualité 49%
Marketing 62%
Reglementaire 91%


Marketing 22%
Qualité 49%
Production 62%
Reglementaire 87%

A3P Worldwide

An international presence facilitated by local representatives.
The network is animated by events (fairs, technical days, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, visits to pharmaceutical sites, …) in response to the expectations of manufacturers in respect of local conveniences.