Humanitarian aid at the heart of the company: challenges & opportunities, feedback!

At the 30st edition of the A3P International Congress in Biarritz, on November 14 was held on 2stinteractive breakfast organized by A3P Women. This year’s theme: humanitarian aid at the heart of the company: challenges and opportunities.

Through two beautiful people, Audrey Delbarre (GSK) and Antoine Sépulchre (Handicap International), two points of view were exchanged: that of the employee sent on mission and that of the NGO, organizer of these missions. The dynamics in the exchanges made it possible to take a fresh look in particular on the expectations of the new generations in search of meaning in its professional and human activities.

The business world is evolving and must be able to adapt to new generations to come by offering its employees the opportunity to live a unique experience to build loyalty on one side by giving them meaning in their work, and contribute to reputation from each other’s business.
Audrey was able to leave 6 months humanitarian mission in Africa through its company GSK Vaccines, based in Wavre (Belgium). This allowed him to discover the other side of the pharmaceutical landscape to understand why we continue to invest, research and innovate in this area. Indeed, every day people suffer and need vaccines. It’s a tri-partite approach where everyone can find something for themselves: the employer in return has a motivated employee who will quickly share his experience with all his colleagues, reboost them and share the meaning of our work. For the NGO, this is an opportunity to develop skills with its teams by providing expertise and for the employee as such, it is a unique opportunity to get out of his comfort zone, to discover the humanitarian world, to surpass oneself by discovering other cultures and to enrich oneself with human relations.

Moreover, for NGOs such as Antoine’s, Handicap International, it is a great opportunity to be able to benefit for some time from the skills and expertise of employees in order to strengthen the programs deployed in the long term.

This event fulfilled its primary objective: to encourage exchanges, to create links and to perpetuate the beautiful initiatives. Indeed, we will remember that following the testimony of an employee of Anios on its humanitarian project of water distribution, the company BWT wanted to provide a solution. Many participants also exchanged with Audrey and Antoine on their experiences to create this dynamic within their company.

See you in 2019 for exciting new topics!


Testimony of Antoine Sépulchre
Business Development manager, Handicap International Belgique

“NGOs are above all looking for professionals who can put their expertise to work for humanitarian projects. A humanitarian project will be a real success only if it is carried to the highest level of the company, namely management.

The private sector and that of NGOs being still too often crossed, it is essential to align expectations on both sides before starting a project. Success will depend above all on good communication between the partners. For this to work, we must find the right angle and ensure that there is consistency between the business of the company, the NGO, the job of the employee and the content of humanitarian work. This coherence between the mission, the aspirations / know-how of the employee and the contribution of the company creates meaning for everyone and makes it possible to break with the logic of the silos; this allows us to come together on the same objective by creating meaning and value for each of the partners. ”


Testimony of Audrey Delbarre
Internal communications manager, GSK Vaccins Belgique

“It is first of all a human experience rich in relationships and meetings. Being on the ground and away from the digital world reminded me of the fundamental basics: we interact and therefore we must build our relationships. Exchanging and creating a climate of trust are important in Africa. We must first take the time to exchange, listen and build relationships. Once this confidence is installed, we can build projects. Above all, this experience allowed me to press the “pause” button in our hectic pace of work and to realize on the ground how much people really need help. (…)

Back at work today, this experience made me want to push my entourage to put energy on the essentials to better move forward and not to rush to take two steps back then. ”



Key messages to remember about corporate humanitarian aid

  1. It is an important motivation vector within the staff
  2. A benefit in terms of attractiveness in recruitment from new generations who are increasingly searching for meaning in their work. Working for a company that actively supports a social cause has become a real competitive advantage these days, and can strengthen the sense of pride and belonging to the company.
  3. The recognition and notoriety of a modern employer and a positive image with the big
  4. Many partnership opportunities to develop within the framework of a “WIN-WIN-WIN” between the NGO, the private sector and the employee: from small to large

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After starting an academic career at the Catholic University of Louvain, Anne first joined a start-up focused on the development of tools BMP (Business Process Model). Then she joined the team of BiiON, a company specializing in industrial computing that covers automation to development of software qualified for Pharma while it is still in its infancy. First as Account and Marketing Manager, she participated in the development of the business, acquired technical skills, participated in the creation of the company’s flagship products and became familiar with the sector. Today, as Commercial Director, she is in charge of the commercial and marketing development of the company’s solutions, the creation of new partnerships, the customer management and the technology watch study. Anne is also active in the A3P Association; In particular, she contributed to the creation of the A3P Women group, whose goal is to create thematic exchanges on fair and socially inclusive subjects.